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Research Services

GBI Research provides intelligence from high-growth therapy areas and novel drug treatments to pioneering companies and their strategies

Research Services
Frontier Pharma
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Frontier Pharma

GBI Research’s Frontier Pharma service has been developed by our industry experts specifically for healthcare professionals who are interested in innovative new product developments and licensing and co-development opportunities within a specific indication.

Frontier Pharma features:
  • Identifies unique, novel and potentially transformative (clinically and commercially) developmental programs across each indication covered

  • Provides a scientific and clinical perspective about the rationale, strength and weaknesses of novel products, based on available peer reviewed scientific literature

  • Assesses the trends in the licensing and co-development landscape with respect to drug properties and attributes (such as molecule type and mechanism of action)

  • Identifies novel products that have not been involved in licensing / co-development deals

  • Assists acquiring/out-licensing companies to benchmark expected upfront and total value of programs, and balance this against the projected risk of failure across different stages.

  • Focus on therapy areas with a high degree of R&D activity, innovation, strong competition and high deal activity

  • Entirely evidence and data-driven approach to ascertain the most interesting product developments in the pipeline

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