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Stem Cell Therapies – Global Trends in the Competitive, Technological and R&D Landscape

  • Published: Jul-2016
  • Report Code: GBI068CBR
  • Report Format: pdf


GBI Research’s latest report “Stem Cell Therapies: Global Trends in the Competitive, Technological and R&D Landscape provides an in-depth assessment of the current trends in the global stem cell therapy sector with a particular focus on the technological, competitive and R&D landscape. Along extensive secondary research efforts, GBI research conducted a targeted industry survey of experts and key opinion leaders in the stem cell therapies field to gather opinions on the global trends and future commercial prospects of the stem cell therapies market. The findings from the reviewed literature were measured against the results of the industry survey, and internal research, to provide an objective view of the market that is comprehensive in outlook.

Stem cell therapies are one of the largest segments of the regenerative medicine market, even when non-therapeutic applications of stem cells are excluded. This rapidly growing sector offers a number of opportunities to both biotechnology and pharmaceutical companies seeking to diversify away from traditional pharmacological compositions and towards a more therapeutic approach, similar to the successful arrival of targeted biologic therapies before the turn of the century. Stem cell therapy represents a very promising platform for clinical advancements in areas where current pharmacological and surgical treatment options are not effective.

These therapies have been in development for human therapeutic use for many decades and there has been steady progress in clinical research, with a few products having already entered the market. Moreover, information leveraged from our robust industry-leading database shows a diverse range of stem cell therapies currently in development for a wide range of indications, with some of these progressing to the later stages of clinical development. Over 15 therapy areas are being targeted by the stem cell industry in over 1,000 clinical trials, our study shows. Our new report provides multilevel analysis of the R&D landscape including data split by therapy area, stage of development, company and many other insightful and pertinent analytics.

Converting the scientific potential of stem cell technology into real therapeutic value still represents a significant challenge, however. The stem cells field is still surrounded by a wide variety of scientific, technological, legal and ethical challenges, and suitability for commercial usage has been rather slow to attain. If stem cell therapies are to realize their full commercial potential manufacturers will need to adopt novel and comprehensive strategies to overcome these challenges, such as those described in this report.

Results from our secondary research efforts and proprietary industry survey have been integrated and triangulated with our own analytical views to create a cohesive, insightful and objective assessment, examining the current state of the stem cell therapies market and its future commercial prospects. This new CBR report adds to our unique portfolio of trusted industry analyses that enable our clients to assess the most promising commercial areas in the life sciences industry and exploit key business opportunities.


  • What are the most pertinent commercial trends in the stem cell therapies market?

  • What have been the key milestones in stem cell research since the 1900s?

  • What can be learned from the stem cell therapies that have already reached the market?

  • What are the most important factors contributing to growth in the stem cell therapy market?

  • What are the most important factors restraining stem cell therapy market growth?

  • What are the most important factors that have had a negative impact on funding and investment for stem cell research?

  • Which therapeutic areas have the largest volume of stem cell therapies in development?

  • Which therapeutic areas will see the highest number of stem cell therapies commercialized over the next decade?

  • What will be the most commercially viable types of adult stem cells over the next decade?

  • What are the most important manufacturing challenges in the process of developing cell therapies from stem cells?

  • How important is overcoming ethical issues to the commercial success of stem cell therapies?

  • What are the most important ethical challenges in the stem cell therapy market?

  • What are the most recent advances in stem cell manufacturing technology and what type of manufacturing strategies should manufacturers adopt?

  • What are the main therapy areas of interest for companies involved in stem cell therapy R&D?

Reasons To Buy

  • This report will allow you to:

  • Gain insightful analyses and understanding of market dynamics. This report comprehensively describes and assesses the most pertinent commercial, technological, and innovative aspects of the stem cell therapy market. Obtain an analytical review of the most important factors driving or restraining growth in the stem cell therapy market through our industry survey results, examining the relative importance of these factors. Specific challenges to successful stem cell therapy development and commercialization are therefore explored in detail and the most important drivers of growth, and opportunities in the field, are identified and discussed.

  • Assess the stem cells marketed products landscape. Our new study provides an overview of the marketed products landscape in the stem cell therapies market, including product profiles of key marketed products worldwide. Explore the level of commercial viability of different types of adult stem cells over the next decade, through our industry survey results and literature reviews.

  • Assess global trends in the stem cells R&D landscape. Examine the pipeline for stem cell therapies split by therapy area and stage of development. A granular assessment of the pipeline is provided across the four major therapy areas for stem cell therapy: immunology, cardiovascular disorders, central nervous system disorders and oncology. Furthermore, our industry survey provides insights on the therapeutic areas with the greatest commercial prospects.

  • Understand current stem cell production strategies, challenges and recent technological advances. The report outlines common processes and key elements in stem cell production. These obstacles in manufacturing are reviewed against results of our industry survey examining the relative importance of the main challenges in the process of developing cell therapies from stem cells.

  • Assess competition in the stem cell therapies market. Gain a picture of the current competitive landscape, with a detailed breakdown of companies actively involved in the stem cell therapies pipeline. Understand the level of involvement on the part of big pharma companies and other research institutions, and the extent to which stem cell therapies fit into the overall portfolios of companies this field. Additionally, a highly granular breakdown of companies developing multiple stem cell therapies is provided.

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