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25 Oct 12

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US Love Affair with Shale Gas Damaging Butadiene Production

The relatively recent and intense exploitation of US natural gas reserves is resulting in an increased dependence on butadiene imports, states a new report from energy analysts GBI Research.

The business intelligence company’s latest study * states that the disparity between butadiene production and demand will climb in the near future as the US moves away from crude oil and naphtha to the increasingly cheap natural gas.

The percentage of C4 hydrocarbons required forthe production of butadiene is very low in natural gas compared to crude oil or naphtha. As a result, growing demand will necessarily require a boost in imports.

US butadiene demand last year stood at 1.9 million tons – comparable to the 1.6 million tons the country produced. However, GBI Research predicts demand will hit 2.4 million tons by 2020, while butadiene yield will climb at a slower rate, reaching 1.9 million tons by the end of the decade.

The next four years in particular are expected to be relatively bleak in terms of butadiene production growth, but a number of on-purpose technologies which are currently in development are then expected to contribute to overall production – although it will take some time for these to emerge as a viable alternative supply option.

Last year the US imported 329,118 tons of butadiene, with Canada, South Korea, Netherlands, China, the UK and Germany the leading suppliers. GBI Research expects rising demand to see this figure reach 524,916 tons by 2020.



*Butadiene Market in the Americas to 2020 - Persistent Supply Shortages due to Continued Substitution of Crude Oil by Shale Gas as the Feedstock

This report provides the reader with detailed analysis and forecasts of the major economic and market trends affecting the Americas butadiene demand in the major countries of the region.This report was built using data and information sourced from proprietary databases, primary and secondary research, and in-house analysis conducted by GBI Research’s team of industry experts.


GBI Research is a market-leading provider of business intelligence reports,offering actionable data and forecasts based on the insights of key industry leaders to ensure you stayup-to-date with the latest emerging trends in your markets.

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