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10 Oct 12

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Ultrabooks to Make Up Half of All Notebook Sales by 2016

Although currently viewed as prohibitively expensive, Ultrabook sales will explode in the next five years, making up 47% of annual notebook sales by just 2016, says business intelligence provider GBI Research. 

According to the firm’s latest research*, 1.3 million Ultrabooks were sold last year, but thanks to technological advances and a drop in component prices, this number is predicted to reach a massive 148.7 million by 2016, at a  Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) of 109%.

Ultrabooks (defined by thinner, lighter bodies and with a shorter boot-up time than typical notebooks) are expected to explode in popularity in the near future as cloud-based systems, such as Apple’s iCloud and Google’s Cloud Storage, become more prevalent and defy the need for a traditional hard drive.

The price reduction of microprocessors and flash memory, combined with an increase in production capacity for screens and casings, will also see a sizeable drop in the average selling price of ultrabooks, from $1050 last year to $510 by the end of 2016.

The Americas are currently the biggest consumer of Ultrabooks and are expected to purchase 1.55 million units this year alone, accounting for 42% of 2012’s global market.

However, GBI Research expects this to change over the next five years as the Asia-Pacific region is expected to become the biggest buyer of Ultrabooks in 2016, with an estimated 55 million units. The Americas are predicted to come second with 54 million unit sales, while Europe, the Middle East and Africa (EMEA) will come third with combined sales of around 40 million.



*Ultrabooks Market to 2016 - Financial and Technological Support from Intel Corporation Coupled with Demand from Business Users Segment Will Drive Growth

This report provides key information and analysis on the Ultrabooks market.This report was built using data and information sourced from proprietary databases, primary and secondary research, and in-house analysis conducted by GBI Research’s team of industry experts.


GBI Research is a market-leading provider of business intelligence reports,offering actionable data and forecasts based on the insights of key industry leaders to ensure you stayup-to-date with the latest emerging trends in your markets.

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